Awards Gala Dinner

The 2023 Go Global Awards Gala Dinner, scheduled for the evening of the 8th of November 2023, promises to be a spectacular and unforgettable evening for all participants. The event will celebrate the achievements of businesses and provide ample opportunities for networking and enjoyment.

Gala Dinner Program
The evening will be filled with excitement and entertainment, creating an incredible atmosphere for celebration.

The gala dinner will include:

  • A sumptuous dinner and drinks
  • The award presentations
  • Entertainment
  • Professional photography
  • Interviews

Award Announcements and Speeches
Winners will not be informed in advance about their award status. Awards will be grouped by industry category. The top 5 winners of the evening will be invited to deliver a 30-second speech.

Photography and Interviews
There will be ample opportunities for winners and runners-up to have their photographs taken on and off stage. Participants can also engage in off-stage interviews with camera crews, and the recorded interviews will be sent to them after the event.

Dress Code
Participants are expected to adhere to a formal dress code, which includes a suit and tie or formal dinner attire. Alternatively, they may wear formal attire native to their home country.

No Charge to Participate
There is no cost to participate in the gala dinner for up to two participants per invited organization. However, due to the popularity of the event and the need to accommodate as many attendees as possible, additional participants will be charged a per-head fee of $150 USD, subject to space availability.

The 2023 Go Global Awards Gala Dinner is a fantastic opportunity for businesses to celebrate their achievements, enjoy a night of entertainment, and network with other industry leaders and professionals.