Entry Criteria

Industries: The Go Global Awards offer various categories open to a wide range of industries. To explore the award categories suitable for your business, visit our award categories page. If your industry is not specifically listed, you may consider entering broader categories, such as Exporter of the Year, Small Business of the Year, etc.

Years in Business: We prefer companies with at least five years in business. However, younger companies on a fast growth trajectory, those that are overseas expansion ready, or already have a presence in international markets are also encouraged to apply.

Financial Strength: We recommend a minimum annual turnover of $1 million USD (or the foreign currency value equivalent). Smaller companies, particularly startups experiencing rapid growth or those backed by venture capital, may still apply.

Company Size: The Go Global Awards welcome companies with a minimum of 10 employees. However, typical entrants are those with 50 or more employees and offices in multiple locations, or those ready to expand internationally and possess the capability to do so in the immediate future.

What we do not consider:

Country of Origin: Businesses from across the world are encouraged to participate (excluding those from Belarus, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Russia, Syria and Venezuela). 

Orientation: Ownership, leadership or employee orientation / background including: gender, race, religion, sexual identity, disabilities, minority status etc.