In-Person Event

During the in-person event judging round at the 2023 Go Global Awards, participants will experience a well-structured and engaging process. The event is designed to ensure fairness, professionalism, and ample opportunities for businesses to showcase their strengths and network with industry leaders.

Before Arrival

  • Participants will receive a formal letter of invitation to support their US visa application.
  • They will apply for the necessary visa and confirm its receipt with the organizers.
  • Once visa confirmation is received, participants will be assigned a presentation time slot on either the 6th or the 7th of November, during which they will present their company before a live judging panel for 10 minutes (including time for questions).


  • On the morning of the 6th of November, participants will attend the venue, check in, and receive their name badges.
  • They should bring any presentation materials with them, including a USB drive containing PowerPoint presentations or videos, as well as handouts and visual aids.

Presenting Your Business

  • During the allotted presentation time, participants will have a total of ten minutes for their presentation (5 minutes for pitch + 5 minutes Q&A).
  • Presentations will be recorded, and copies will be sent to participants after the event. Confidential information can be requested to be excluded from the recording.
  • The judges will independently score participants based on a set criteria.

Other Activities During the Two Days of Live Events

Activity Description
Pitching Rooms Pitch your business before the judges during your allotted time and consider watching other companies present their pitches before judges.
B2B Meetings Participate in pre-scheduled B2B meetings with other attendees.
Government Consultations Participate in 1:1 meetings with the heads of government economic development agencies, export promotion agencies, and foreign direct investment agencies to present your business and expansion opportunities, and explore synergies.
Conference Panels and Break-Out Sessions Participate as a panelist and/or audience member in one or more of the many conference topics related to international trade, global expansion, marketing, and other related topics.
Site Visits Join site visits to innovative companies across a range of industries in Rhode Island.
Networking & Tourism Engage in after-hours networking and touristic activities with other executives from government and business to help build closer bonds and foster fruitful collaborations.

By participating in the 2023 Go Global Awards, businesses can benefit from a comprehensive and well-organized event that offers valuable opportunities for growth, learning, and networking with industry leaders and government representatives.