Finalist Judging: Tallinn, Estonia.

19th – 21st Oct 2022

Estonia is hailed as the world’s most advanced digital society. Our legislation is transparent and built to help businesses grow and not hinder progress with red tape. No wonder our companies are constantly growing and exporting products and services to over 120 countries already! This is why last year we won the Go Global gold award for Best Export Promotion Agency and the honour to host this year’s ceremony in Estonia.

Our country is small but we have plenty of beautiful forests, thousands of small islands dotted around the coastline, pure waters and fresh air. Our capital Tallinn has immaculately preserved Old Town that harks back to 800 years and this is exactly the place we invite you this October for ITC’s Go Global Awards seminars and gala night. We look forward to welcoming you soon! See you in Tallinn 19th-21st of October, 2022.