Alvar Soosaar

Director of U.S. Investment & Trade
Estonian Ministry of Foreign

I am an experienced investor, entrepreneur, mentor, connector, and strategist who has worked in, helped found, or advised dozens of companies in the USA, Bermuda, Ireland, the Nordic-Baltic region, and particularly my ancestral home of Estonia.

Although I started as a journalist (I still love to write!) covering banking, general financial services, and fintech, I soon moved into the investment area, and have stayed there ever since. I love helping companies figure out a better – whether faster, less expensive, less risky, more efficient, more attractive – way to do what they do, generally with technology and financing. I did this as a portfolio manager for many years on behalf of other investors, and then decided to do so on my own.

I now have the pleasure of serving as the bridge for capital and innovation between my two homes of Estonia (ancestral) and the US (native) as Director of US Investment and Trade with Estonia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, based at the Embassy of Estonia in Washington, DC.

I focus on:
– Connecting North American investors to the Estonian investment ecosystem via hosting investor delegations to Estonia, North American seminars, webinars, etc.
– Sourcing Estonian goods and services for North American companies
– Bringing the best of Estonia’s e-government innovations to the US
– Helping Estonian companies enter the US market.

I am very happy to connect if we have met, emailed, or chatted before. So, please feel free to reach out either here or via [email protected] to set up a time to speak.