Daniel J. Holmander

Adler Pollock & Sheehan

When conducting business in the United States, adhering to a set of top 10 intellectual property (IP) best practices is important to protect your research, innovation, and competitive advantages.  These practices entail federal or state trademark registration to safeguard your business name and product names, patent protection for novel and critical inventions, trade secret compliance to protect the “secret sauce”, and copyright registration to secure protection to software and artificial intelligence. Further, non-disclosure agreements help lock away your trade secrets, while licensing agreements control the usage of your intellectual property consistence with your business goals. IP audits can help identify and address potential issues, and enforcing your IP rights should be planned in advance. Staying updated on latest IP law developments, being regular and consistent about trade secret compliance, and fostering a culture which values IP rights within your business are also key steps to ensure world class IP protection in the U.S. market.