Dr Nadia Cheaib

Founder and CEO

  • Named Top 100 Health Leaders of the Arab World Forbes 2023.
  • Named for six consecutive years, Forbes Most Influential Arab Women list (2014-2018), and 15 Most Powerful Lebanese Leaders (2018)
  • Founder and CEO of the Clingroup Group active in more than 50 countries Europe, Africa, Mediterranean (www.clingroup.net), specialist in design solutions research & development and health engineering.
  • Founder and CEO of QSI partner of international organizations, in the development of quality and digital system (www.qsysi.com)
  • Founder and President of the HOPE MCF Foundation which carries the values of her late father Mohamad Cheaib, influential in female empowerment, children’s education and social responsibility, and covering more than 10 SDGs, in partnership with major Arab and Mediterranean institutions (www.hopemcf.org)
  • Always aspiring to sustainable solutions accessible to all, she transforms all the foundation’s programs into open digital platforms as tools for all other foundations and civil societies. Platforms and programs today partners of the largest Arab, Mediterranean and global institutions.
  • Artist and writer at heart, she published her first book “Doctor in Errors” (English, French, Arabic) whose all profits are dedicated to female empowerment and the treatment of women’s cancer, and two other new books in the works, always dedicated to the same causes.