Krzysztof Grabowski

Managing Attorney,
Armooh-Williams, PLLC

Joyce Williams is an accomplished legal professional with a dynamic presence in the legal and philanthropic spheres.

As the Managing Attorney at Armooh-Williams, PLLC, her expertise encompasses overseeing legal operations and strategic planning for international trade, immigration matters, and corporate governance. Her leadership ensures effective team management and compliance within the firm.

With a dedication to global rule of law initiatives and an unwavering commitment to community growth, Joyce is an active trustee of the International Bar Foundation, a board member of the American Bar Association’s African Law Council, and the Doña Gracia Center for Diplomacy in Israel. Additionally, she is a member of the John Carroll Society, fostering meaningful connections in the intersection of faith and professional responsibilities.

Beyond the legal sphere, Joyce is actively engaged in entrepreneurial and philanthropic ventures; she is also the founder of Hazina Equity Partners, a private equity firm, iSoka LLC, a sports agency, and the Armooh-Williams Foundation. Through the foundation’s initiatives, she collaborates with women entrepreneurs worldwide, offering them invaluable insights into business fundamentals and best practices for compliance.

She also provides pro bono immigration services through Hispano Progreso, exemplifying her dedication to positively impacting immigrant communities.

With a commitment to driving economic growth and fostering integration across Africa, Joyce serves as an executive council member of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) Policy Network and the African Globalized Investment Forum.

Joyce has been recognized by the American Bar Association for her program addressing human trafficking and promoting diversity within the legal profession. She is honored by the AfCFTA Policy Network with a trade hub for her pivotal role in driving positive change across Africa, among other notable organizations.