ITC Go Global Awards

International Trade Council Awards System for Global Minded Companies

Go Global Award Categories

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The International Trade Council’s Go Global Awards welcome entries from all businesses who are committed exporting, regardless of their size or period of time in business.


Businesses are able to enter to win one or more of the following awards. Entry is free of charge.


Exporter of the Year Award

Awarded to a company whose persevering approach to international expansion is coupled with the ability to identify and capture opportunities in the international marketplace, acting as an inspiration to others to achieve greater export success.


Start-Up Exporter Award

Awarded to a company that is new to exporting and whose exports have started to become a significant revenue stream to their business in the past 12-18 months.


Export Innovation Award

Awarded to a company possessing distinctively bold and unique ideas in an existing industry and investing in the pioneering of it’s ideas through education, partnering, financing, technology, etc. to bring the concept to market.


Legend Award

Awarded to an organization recognized with a legacy (history) as an industry leader that has made the leap in it’s shift towards improvement and sustainability by focusing on strategic thinking as an imperative and complements it with the technological, workforce, etc. supports.


Socially Responsible Exporter of the Year Award

Awarded to the company whose export strategy highlights a focus on strengthening the communities in which they are headquartered and who proactively drive improvement from a social responsbility (commercial, environmental and community) perspective which goes above and beyond the legislative requirements for their industry.


CEO of The Year

Awarded to a leader who has been proven to commit themselves to the highest ideals as model business leaders and who balance the daily needs of customers, employees and investors in an impeccable manner.


Service Excellence

Awarded to a company that has identified ways to improve service delivery through consistently measuring results, communicating effectively at each stage of their process, seeking to enhance capacity with a focus on what services are provided and how they are delivered


Women in Business

This award is designed to recognize individual women, regardless of their titles, positions, or entrepreneurial or executive status, for their achievements in creating, further developing or fulfilling export-related opportunities for their business.


Industry Sector Awards

Awarded to exporters – new or old – who have acheived significant miletones in creating or developing their export capabilities. The following awards will be given:

  • Life Sciences Award
  • Manufacturing Award
  • Retail & eCommerce Award
  • Franchisor Award
  • Service Providers Award
  • Technology Award
  • Legal Practice Award
  • Logistics Award
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