ITC Go Global Awards

International Trade Council Awards System for Global Minded Companies

Judging Process

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Go Global Awards judges are invited by the International Trade Council to participate in the competition based on their business experience, acumen and expertise. Each panel includes judges from a range of industries who are well-versed in the specific aspects of the business relevant to the awards category being judged. Go Global Awards judges are known for their diplomatic approach to recognizing business excellence and all judges have an equal say in decisions, and the majority vote rules. Judges are independent and receive no personal or financial benefit from their participation.


Judging Process

All entrants are required to submit a written entry through the online form found at


There are a standard set of 6 Criteria across all of the Categories. Each Criterion has 50 marks available. All 6 criteria will be used for both the shortlisting of Finalists (by the Screening Panel) and for scoring online entries by the Finalist Judging Panel.


Shortlisting of Entrants

Together with our extensive network of international judges and advisers, we work to determine the top 5 nominations in each category.


In-Person Presentations

Shortlisted US finalists will then be required to make an in-person 15 minute presentations to a panel of Judges at the Think Global Forum being held in Chicago, Illinois, between the 22nd and the 23rd of October, 2019. Shortlisted Middle-Eastern finalists will give their presentations in November in the United Arab Emirates


This conference-style awards are designed to give finalists highly useful opportunities to network and share best practice ideas. The business leaders in attendance come from a diverse range of economic sectors – and this cross-fertilization of business knowledge is extremely beneficial.


After the event, every single finalist receives a judges’ feedback report with detailed scores and comments on their entry.


Final Scoring

Entries are scored using predetermined criteria. Final scores are generated from a combination of the written entry and the live presentation.


Winners from each category are identified based on the highest score.


There is no charge for shortlisted finalists to participate in judging and elevator pitch session, or to attend the Think Global Forum. Final awardees are expected to attend the Awards Gala, for which there is a nominal fee.



The judging process may be audited by an independent auditing firm. This is to ensure total transparency and good governance on the credibility of the judging process.

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