Benefits of Sponsoring

By being a sponsor of the International Trade Council’s Go Global Awards you have access to more than 2 million of the most influential government leaders, C-suite executives and emerging innovators from across the globe.

As a sponsor you will be able to leverage the outstanding visibility, recognition and value across a range of activities associated with the Go Global Awards.

Increase Brand Visibility

Being a sponsor means you get access to more than just those short-listed and winning entrants. When you become a sponsor of the Go Global Awards, your brand is promoted directly to over 2 million organizations worldwide.

The Go Global Awards are promoted over many months across a range of communications channels, including email, direct marketing and social media, as part of an integrated marketing plan. As a sponsor, your name and logo will be used during these outreach campaigns maximizing brand visibility.

Generate Strong Business Leads

Being a sponsor gives you a privileged chance to learn more about actual and potential customers needs and promote your products and services to them. Sponsors are provided with the opportunity to take part in the awards judging process which, in turn, gives them access to our database of competition participants, giving them unparalleled demographic information and real-world business needs.

Sponsoring the Go Global Awards is a great way to generate quality leads because marketing outreach, event finalist judging days, the Go Global Awards ceremony and gala dinner are all targeted directly to high level decision makers in relevant market sectors.

Being an event sponsor focuses a spotlight on you and your businesses, making it easier for opportunities to find you.

Access Targeted Marketing

The Go Global Awards have a high-quality audience of top-level government officials and corporate executives, which sponsors get a unique opportunity to connect with (before, during and after the final Go Global Awards judging and ceremony events).

Sponsors can engage one-on-one with key decision makers relevant to their business.

This is an opportunity to get right in front of your target market and reach numerous people who are interested in your products and services.

Enhance Consumer Perception

Being a sponsor of the Go Global Awards offers you the opportunity to enhance your credibility and improve your authority in your market.

Customers will form a positive opinion of your organization when it is linked to Go Global Awards and its related judging, short-listing, awards and gala dinner events. The additional of the association with the International Trade Council will enhance your organizations reputation and improve the way you are perceived by your target audience.

Brand Differentiation

The act of sponsoring the Go Global Awards is a significant way to differentiate yourself from competitors. Quite simply through being a sponsor at the Awards your name will stand out head and shoulders above the rest.

When Go Global Award entrants, short-listed awardees and winners share photos, quotes, videos, and blogs, you get exposure to much larger networks. User-generated content is proven to have a greater impact on customers.

Do Well by Doing Good

By sponsoring the Go Global Awards your organization will reach a global audience of over 2 million government officials and senior business executives worldwide. Your organization will be supporting those businesses who are the backbone of international trade in exchange for brand recognition.

All of our sponsorship opportunities provide a unique way to reach the c-level executives; movers and shakers, innovators, government officials, As a sponsor, you will demonstrate and highlight your organization’s leadership and support of the international trade community.

International Trade Council's Go Global Awards - Export Innovation Awards for International Trade
International Trade Council's Go Global Awards - Export Innovation Awards for International Trade
International Trade Council's Go Global Awards - Export Innovation Awards for International Trade

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