After-Hours Events

Discover the Exciting After-Hours Events at the Go Global Awards 2023
The Go Global Awards 2023 is more than just a prestigious awards ceremony; it’s a holistic experience that offers attendees a chance to explore the vibrant culture, rich history, and thriving innovation scene in Rhode Island. Our after-hours events are designed to ensure that you not only enjoy your time at the awards but also create lasting memories of your visit.

Innovative Company Site Visits
As part of the Go Global Awards 2023 experience, you’ll have the opportunity to visit some of Rhode Island’s most innovative companies. These site visits will give you a behind-the-scenes look at the cutting-edge technologies and creative solutions that these companies are developing. You’ll also have the chance to network with local entrepreneurs and business leaders, fostering valuable connections for future collaboration.

Entertainment Extravaganza
The Go Global Awards 2023 wouldn’t be complete without a fantastic lineup of entertainment options. From live music performances to captivating cultural shows, our event will keep you entertained throughout the evening. Immerse yourself in the local arts scene and discover the diverse talents that Rhode Island has to offer.

Historical and Walking Tours
Take a step back in time and uncover the rich history of Rhode Island with our guided historical tours. You’ll explore the state’s most iconic landmarks, learning about their fascinating past and significance in shaping the region. For those who prefer a more active experience, join our walking tours to discover hidden gems and local hotspots while getting some fresh air and exercise.

Local Rhode Island Pairings
One of the highlights of our after-hours events is the unique pairing experience with local Rhode Island companies. Indulge in the state’s finest food, drinks, and entertainment as you sample delicious cuisine and beverages from some of the best restaurants, breweries, and distilleries in the area. This gastronomic adventure will tantalize your taste buds and introduce you to the local flavors that make Rhode Island such a culinary delight.

And Much More…
The Go Global Awards 2023 after-hours events don’t stop there! We have a host of other exciting activities planned, ensuring that there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re interested in exploring Rhode Island’s natural beauty, participating in interactive workshops, or simply unwinding with fellow attendees, our event promises a memorable experience for all.

Join Us at the Go Global Awards 2023
Don’t miss your chance to be part of the Go Global Awards 2023 and experience the incredible after-hours events we have lined up for you. From innovative company site visits and captivating entertainment to historical tours and local pairings, our event is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in all that Rhode Island has to offer. Register now and prepare for an unforgettable experience at the Go Global Awards 2023.