Hon. Sen. David Wells

Senate of Canada

The Honourable Senator David Wells, ICD.D was appointed to the Canadian Senate in 2013 on the advice of Canada’s 22nd Prime Minister, Stephen Harper.

Before his appointment to the Senate, Senator Wells served as Deputy CEO and board member of the Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board – the regulator for Canada’s offshore petroleum industry.

Senator Wells has over 35 years of experience in international business, government, and regulatory affairs. He has specialized in numerous areas including policy development, financial management and budgeting, human resources management, corporate strategy and regulatory change.

Senator Wells previously held senior management positions in business and government, including president of Wells Solutions Group Inc., President and CEO of SPC Inc., as well as holding senior roles for the federal Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, and has served as a delegate for Canada at the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization and the International Regulators’ Forum on global offshore safety. In addition, he was a member of the International Upstream Forum, a think tank on advancements in upstream oil industry development. He has received awards for his expertise in international fishery economics and resource management.

Throughout his career in the Senate, Senator Wells has made many diplomatic contributions to Canada-Europe relations and serves as the Vice President of the Executive Committee of the Canada-Europe Parliamentary Association.

Senator Wells has made significant contributions to the Senate by developing and chairing the Senate’s newest committee, the Standing Committee on Audit and Oversight, making a historical mark on the Canadian Senate. The committee provides financial transparency of the Senate to Canadians and represents a world-leading best practice in accountable governance.

Senator Wells is the former chair of the subcommittee on Senate Estimates. In addition, he has served as Leader, Deputy Leader and Whip of His Majesty’s Loyal Opposition and as Caucus Chair of the Conservative Party in the Senate.

Since his appointment, Senator Wells has sponsored significant legislation in the Senate, affecting meaningful change for Canadians. In May 2014, Senator Wells sponsored The Offshore Health and Safety Act. This Act has given the offshore industry a definitive occupational health and safety framework that is clear and free of jurisdictional uncertainty. In April 2021, Senator Wells sponsored The Safe and Regulated Sports Betting Act. This Act has strengthened consumer protections and safeguards, providing support for gambling addiction while generating millions in revenues for reinvestment into critical programs and communities across Canada.

Senator Wells’ community involvement is varied. He has volunteered with his local Minor Hockey Association and the Big Brothers of Canada Mentoring Program and has served on his neighbourhood School Council.

He is a high-altitude alpine mountaineer and has climbed in the Himalayas, Andes and the Russian Caucasus, summiting the highest peaks in Africa, South America and Europe. He is married to Ann and they have four children.

Honourable Senator David Wells